Articles and Newsletters

Rare Poultry Society - November 2017 Newsletter including article on the Spanish Chicken
Courtesy of Andy Marshall and the Rare Poultry Society
Andalusian Project Newsletter from May 2017
Courtesy of Andrew Bowden and the Rare Poultry Society
Ark Spring 2017 web - White Faced Spanish Article
Courtesy of Andy Marshall and the RBST 
Conservation Genetics of British Traditional Chicken Breeds
Courtesy of Samantha Wilkinson, Pam Weiner and Paul Hocking of the Roslin Institute and R(D)SVS
Article from RPS Newsletter - Spanish
Including article on Spanish Poultry courtesy of  the Rare Poultry Society
Rare breed utilities
Fred Hams explains that it's not only the accepted utility breeds that can offer useful and reliable egg-laying performance.